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Welcome to gearophile, one of Thom Hogan's Web sites (see top of page or sidebar for the full list). 

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I've been on the Internet pretty much from day one, and have had an active Web site—bythom.com—for well over a decade. As part of making sense of my sprawling Web presence, I’ve launched this site dedicated to gadgets and gear related in some way to photography, and to cameras without interchangeable lenses. 

Don't be fooled by the simple look of this site: it's slowly being filled with articles, reviews, data, and more. The usual landing page you'd want to bookmark is the News/Views page, but you can also get a complete list of recently published articles on this and the other bythom sites by just going to www.bythom.com.

Help me improve this site. If you find incorrect or incomplete information, let me know. Fill out the form on the Contact page or use the email contact at the bottom of this page to let me know what you found. 


After 25+ years in the tech business, I'm a gadget-aholic

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